Texas Emergency Management software

What's in NYMA emergency management software free 14-day Trial?

Free means no payment or credit card information required. We have created a sandbox environment for you to try out the NYMA emergency management software platform and see how it could work for you. Design your emergency plans and daily operations in our Workflow Editor and test our Smart Notifications. During this 14-day trial we suggest that you run your emergency training exercises and monitor your improvement.

Safety and daily operations.

Safety mode has two different aspects: risk management & emergency management.

Daily Operations mode covers all the everyday business activities that help the corporation achieve its strategies and goals.

Emergency Management, Risk Management and Daily Operations are independent of each other and that’s why different departments from each corporation deal with them. NYMA emergency management software platform blends these 3 aspects and their processes, offering significant saving on human effort, specialized consulting services & IT infrastructure and services while in parallel it will maximize the safety standards of your Organization.

Texas Emergency Management software
Texas Emergency Management software

Why you should switch to NYMA?

NYMA emergency management software platform helps you streamline and automate your emergency plans. Discarding the paperwork and using the NYMA platform helps you keep better documentation of damage and accelerate the process of its completion. You also keep better documentation for the remission or mitigation of the criminal and civil liability of both the corporation and its authorized officers.

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