Easily use, or use Precise Monitor Controls.

Take control over your Procedures with precise settings and modes.

Easily manage your procedures. Use the built-in functions, design your own procedures and test their efficiency in training mode.

Display emergency management actions from your phone or tablet!

Focus on the task at hand by monitoring the currently procedure running.

Gain quick access to emergency procedures powerful functions.

Customize to suit your needs.

Workflow Editor

Design all your emergency plans and daily operations in our workflow editor and simplify their management and execution by easily adapting processes to your own individual circumstances. Ιntergrate your emergency plans, daily operations, facilities, equipment, organization.

Smart Notifications

Plan multiple automatic notifications (calls, text messages and emails) that will be sent to the designated recipients based on the progress of the workflow procedure within seconds, and have instant feedback on the notifications’ status, thus saving valuable time in the response process.

Smart User Environment

Take advantage of a user interface especially designed for efficient use under stressful conditions and/or panic.

Emergency Training Exercises Mode

Use NYMA for your emergency training exercises, train your staff efficiently and keep statistics to monitor your improvement.

Daily operations mode

Design and execute daily processes in emergency or training mode.

Organization Chart

Create clear and comprehensive management organizational charts. Add full contact information and insights you need to make connections in the workflow editor on the go.

Unlimited Observers

Observers have access to the platform and are constantly informed of the status of the emergency plans, emergency training exercises or daily operations currently running.

Performance Reports

Use 3 analytic performance reports to monitor the actions performed during emergencies, emergency training exercises or daily operations.

Infographic Map

Drop zones and points of interest on NYMA’s Map marking your points of interest. Once you have your locations plotted, create segments to mark your key infrastructures. Our NYMA Map allows users to alert people in a specific geographic area in a quick and efficient manner.